Bus Stops and Business

Random chairs inspire me. I am not sure why, but they have always provoked so many questions in my mind:

Who put the chair there?

Was someone trying to get rid of a piece of furniture?

Or, has someone out of the kindness of their heart, placed a chair in a spot that is constantly occupied by standing people?

Alongside the train tracks in Leucadia are an array of sporadically placed chairs. Most of them are beside bus stops. This was what first spurred on this idea of a more editorialized shoot with these random chairs. As I began to develop this concept more, I liked the idea of “bus stops and business”.

One part of this concept is simply that people in various places rely on public transportation to get to and from their job (although not so much in my small beach town). As I began to dive deeper into thinking about business and public transportation, the second part of this concept came to me. It is truly ironic how we do not sit to rest, but wait to arrive at our next destination. We are always on the phone, reading something or talking to people, but when do we ever just stop and sit in silence? When do we ever sit and watch the world go by without being preoccupied with our schedule and mind?

Through these photos, I wanted to expose the restlessness of humanity as well as how people can be so caught up in the hustle and bustle of work/business.

So maybe today just sit in a chair.

It doesn’t have to be anything special.

A chair in your house, in a field, on the beach or even a random one alongside the train tracks.

There is a strange satisfaction in the art of nothing.


Photographed by: Easton Kawawaki

Styled/directed by: McCall Revell & myself